Shrimp brochettes

One of the ways of consuming shrimp used in the gastronomy of many cultures is to do it with pieces of meat, vegetables and seafood threaded on a skewer or brochette; such is the case of shrimp skewers.

Shrimp brochettes or skewers

This simple and exquisite dish is usually served grilled and can be accompanied by other meats, obtaining a rich and varied mixture of flavors that will delight the palate of your guests.

In order for you to know in depth the different ways in which you can taste this exquisite shrimp dish, here we leave you a variety of recipes for you to prepare them and with the ingredients that you like the most.


What to serve shrimp brochettes or skewers with?

You can serve them with practically any dish, the combination of flavors that can be obtained with this simple and easy to prepare dish are almost infinite.

One of the ingredients with which shrimp skewers are accompanied is a good pasta salad with sun-dried tomato, jicama salad, cabbage salad with carrots, rice, among many other foods, which will depend on the gastronomic culture of each region.

What kind of shrimp are they prepared with?

There are many varieties and types of shrimp which have very different characteristics, but to make traditional shrimp skewers, first of all we use medium raw shrimp, these are easier to handle, have a wonderful texture and provide an excellent flavor.

In addition to the above mentioned, these shrimps allow us to enjoy a very complete meal, however, depending on the region, large shrimps and jumbo shrimps can be selected, taking into account that they should be as fresh as possible.

Shrimp skewers in the world

According to the gastronomic culture of the different regions of the world, the skewers of this delicious seafood may have the following names:

In Peru, shrimp anticucho is consumed, which is a variation of the traditional one that is prepared with beef heart, it can be accompanied by different vegetables.

In Southeast Asian countries, Satay, originally from Indonesia, is prepared by grilling gherkins, onions, a rice dough wrapped in palms (Ketupat) and shrimp or other meats on bamboo skewers or coconut thorns seasoned with a sauce made with peanuts.

It should be noted that shrimp skewers are also consumed in many different variations characteristic of the extensive and rich variety of each country’s gastronomy.

Grilled shrimp skewers are undoubtedly a dish that has spread throughout the world due to its easy preparation, being more popular in coastal regions where it is common to consume fish and seafood.