Shrimp in butter

Among the most traditional and easy recipes that you can prepare with these delicious seafood you will find shrimp in butter, because they are simply spectacular for their texture and flavor.

Shrimp in butter

From we share with you the best selection of butter shrimp recipes so you can prepare this delicious dish whenever you want!


What to serve shrimp in butter with?

On their own as an appetizer or with toasted bread or white rice, even as part of a light salad sprinkled with lemon juice, even cooked and served on skewers will do wonders for your guests.

What to serve with butter shrimp

It is very easy to accompany the delicious butter shrimp, here are some of the garnishes that go very well with this dish.

  • White rice
  • Cabbage salad with carrots
  • Baked potatoes with mushrooms
  • Cucumber and avocado salad

Surely these and many other garnishes will give you ideas so that you can accompany and enjoy this dish to the delight of your palate!

These are preparations in which you will not need many ingredients, making with the simplicity of its ingredients the most delicious combinations that exist to taste your shrimp.

What butter to prepare shrimp with?

If you are one of those people who like to take care of your diet, it is better to prepare your shrimp with any unsalted butter and without exceeding the quantities that we will recommend in our recipes.

Butter uses the fat from animal milk, which combined with different spices gives a great flavor to the shrimp. Also, if you are a keto food lover, we recommend using clarified butter and ghee.

Another option you can use in the preparation of this dish is margarine, it is healthy, it will not alter the flavor of your shrimp and they will still be super delicious, it’s all a matter of taste.

What shrimp is it prepared with?

The best thing about this recipe is that you can prepare it with the shrimp of your choice, from small pacotilla shrimp to larger shrimp such as Jumbo shrimp.

Everything will depend on your preferences and the budget you have when preparing this delicious and practical dish.

jumbo shrimp with butter

Remember that butter shrimp is still one of the most exquisite dishes to bring to your table because of its simplicity.

The rich flavor and smooth texture of the butter is perfect to combine with the subtle, versatile and delicate flavor of the shrimp.