Coconut shrimp

Coconut shrimp is one of the dishes with a spectacular flavor, its great delicacy comes from breading butterfly-shaped shrimp with grated coconut and frying them in vegetable oil.

Coconut shrimp

This dish is full of textures, flavors and sensations to the palate. Its flavor is slightly sweet, the texture soft and crunchy at the same time, which will give you an unprecedented light and pleasant sensation.


Origin of coconut shrimp

One of the Mexican states where this delicious recipe originated is Campeche, which is characterized by its rich and refined gastronomic culture. It has a high quality of raw materials for the elaboration of its food.

Coconut shrimp are known for being crunchy, delicious, with a rich texture, easy to prepare and also have a peculiar flavor. Its origin is also disputed among the Caribbean islands, especially Cuba.

Many places on the tropical coast have shrimp in their cuisine. It is also believed that the mixture of shrimp and coconut probably originated in the South Pacific, specifically in Southeast Asia, where coconut is a common flavor.

What to pair coconut shrimp with?

  • Coleslaw has a nice tangy flavor that pairs perfectly with coconut shrimp. Plus, if you use red and green cabbage to make it, you’ll get a vibrant, colorful salad that will look great on the table. Opt for a vinegar-based dressing instead of mayonnaise so that the flavors are not so strong.
  • Coconut shrimp is a protein-laden dish, which is always great with rice. While a cup of plain white rice is great with this dish, I like to kick things up a notch by making fried rice instead. Mix your fried rice with your choice of protein, veggies, seeds and nuts to suit your preference.
  • Pasta dishes work well for this dish because you can fuse them together. Plus, you can top it off with a mild sauce that complements the flavors of the coconut shrimp. Our personal favorite is fettuccini Alfredo. We know, it sounds a little strange, but it works! The creamy sauce, garlic shrimp and sweet coconut make a heavenly combo.
  • No seafood feast is complete without a little sweet to finish it off. Chocolate is our personal favorite. Try coconut shrimp with chocolate, whether it’s cake, chocolate mousse, or a classic brownie with ice cream on top.

What forms can they be prepared in?

The breading and oil in a fried coconut shrimp recipe can add a lot of fat and carbs to our diet. However, here are some ways to make this dish in a healthy way.

  • Bake instead of frying.
  • Grilled coconut shrimp: Yes, you can grill or broil them instead of frying them.
  • And air fry coconut shrimp: One of our favorite methods as you get the same results as frying without the need to add oil!

Coconut shrimp around the world

The ways in which this dish can be prepared are very varied since each country, region or person gives it their own peculiar touch.

Currently there are different versions such as the Japanese style in which panko is added to the coconut flakes to bread the shrimp, we also find the Thai style coconut shrimp, in which curry, chili, ground ginger, brown sugar, fish sauce, peanut butter and coconut milk are added.