Best chipotle shrimp recipes

Shrimp enchipotadas are one of the dishes that are part of the rich and varied Mexican gastronomy, a meal in which creaminess, texture and good taste are present!

When it comes to shrimp, this is one of the most versatile ways to prepare them; you can find many dishes that vary according to the type of shrimp used in the preparation.

shrimp in chipotle sauce

In order for you to have the best experience when preparing this Mexican dish from the comfort of your kitchen, here are the best shrimp enchipotladas recipes.


What’s in chipotle shrimp sauce?

This delicious and spicy dish prepared in the traditional way consists of the following ingredients:

Ripe jalapeño peppers, which are smoked and seasoned to obtain what is known in Mexico as chipotle peppers.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to prepare this dish is to buy these canned chiles, which are previously marinated and ready to be incorporated into the preparation.

The shrimp used to prepare this delicious recipe are fresh and are cooked avoiding overcooking.

It should be noted that this meal also incorporates pepper, tomato sauce, onion and peeled garlic. Ingredients also characteristic of other exquisite Mexican dishes of exquisite flavor.

What to serve with shrimp in chipotles?

When we want to taste some delicious chipotle shrimp, we always wonder what are those dishes with which we can complement or accompany this delicious food.

To make this task easier for you, here are some of the side dishes with which you can eat this dish:

  • Rice with salad: Yes, besides the fact that it is very easy to prepare, this is the main dish with which you can accompany the shrimp enchipotladas. A good salad with fresh tomato, lettuce and potato with plenty of rice will be enough.
  • Pico de Gallo: it is commonly known as salsa fresca, it is made by chopping and mixing tomatoes, serrano peppers, onion and cilantro, finally adding lime juice, it is a perfect topping for tacos, tortillas that can be combined with the shrimp in chipotle chili and rice. This is great for parties and very easy to prepare as well.
  • Tamales: Tamales are a seasoned meat mixture covered completely with a corn flour dough. Each tamale is steamed in a corn husk and served with said wrapper for presentation, this husk itself is not eaten but adds a special flavor that you can easily combine with enchipotle shrimp.
  • Pastas or noodles: It is worth mentioning that you can find a great variety of these, and shrimp in chipotle sauce has the right texture and flavor to obtain an excellent combination of flavors in a dish that is easy to make.

Which shrimp to use?

We recommend using medium-sized shrimp with or without shell, fresh and without any kind of blemishes.

Keep in mind that when selecting these shrimp there should be between 25 and 50 shrimp per pound. A tip we give you is that generally, in a good seafood restaurant they classify shrimp as jumbo, large and small shrimp.