Garlic sauce shrimp

Shrimp with garlic mojo is a very famous Mexican preparation among diners who enjoy seafood. This coastal recipe is seasoned with garlic, oil and fresh parsley.

Although there are many ways to prepare them, here we present you a great variety of garlic mojo shrimp recipes so you can prepare them whenever you want and get a high quality dish in the comfort of your home.


Where do they originate from?

Shrimp is a very distinctive recipe from the Mexican coasts, due to the fact that these crustaceans are more easily available. There is no data specifying their origin but it is known that the regions where they are most popular are Cancun, Acapulco, Guaymas, Mazatlan and some others.

This recipe is quite popular in Mexico and you can find it in all seafood restaurants, it is ready in a few minutes and is quite delicious.

What is in shrimp with garlic mojo sauce?

The main ingredients are garlic, oil and fresh parsley. The shrimp used for the preparation depends on the coastal region and the taste of each diner.

Shrimp with garlic sauce

What is the best way to prepare them?

One of the things you should take into account is the sauce that marinates these delicious shrimp. It is prepared with butter and at least 6 cloves of garlic, which will give them that pleasant aroma and excellent flavor.

It is essential to soak the chopped garlic in oil for at least 10 minutes, many people prefer to use olive oil because the flavor is much more peculiar and tasty to the palate. The butter is then cooked together with the finely chopped garlic in a frying pan and then proceed to cook the shrimp.

It is recommended that you use a medium to large sized semi-high stainless steel skillet that allows you to incorporate a large amount of ingredients.

Another important thing is that the shrimp be previously washed and deveined. Deveining them is very easy if you use a toothpick or skewer stick, just insert the toothpick into the top or back of the shrimp and remove the vein.

It is also advisable not to overcook the shrimp, in the recipes I will share with you I will be giving you cooking times so that your garlic mojo shrimp will be just right and you will become an expert at cooking them.

What to serve them with?

This Mexican dish is traditionally served with white rice, corn, beans, fresh salads and cooked vegetables.

Since the shrimp are sautéed in olive oil with abundant chopped garlic, it is usual for diners to soak tortillas or bread with the oil from this preparation.