Shrimp with pastas

One of the advantages of fish and seafood is that you can prepare a great variety of dishes with them, such is the case of shrimp with pasta. Here are the best ways to prepare this dish.


Did you know?

There are different types of this preparation with noodles, cannelloni, macaroni and spaghetti with which you can combine some good shrimp and get an exquisite dish according to your budget, whether you prepare the pasta yourself or you buy it ready-made and cook it the traditional way.

shrimp with pastas

Shrimp with pasta consists of the following basic ingredients: a paste prepared with flour mixed with water to which eggs, salt and other ingredients are optionally added. The elaborated dough is cooked in boiling water and on the other side the shrimps are cooked to complete the dish.

These additional ingredients fulfill their function according to the objective of the person preparing the recipe, for example:

  • Vegetables provide colors, textures, flavors, vitamins and minerals.
  • Protein supplements such as milk, soy, among others.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements enrich pasta.
  • Eggs make pasta more nutritious and give it consistency.

It should be noted that in addition to these ingredients, shrimp play a key role in enriching, giving flavor and texture as well as making the recipe more nutritious.

The choice of the shrimps or prawns selected to combine with the different types of pasta will be at the choice of the

Countries where shrimps with pasta are tasted

This dish is very popular in the coasts of any country since it is very common to eat fish and seafood, you can get them in Mexico seasoned with guajillo chili, garlic, sauce, chipotle, chile de árbol and spicy sauces among others.

In Spain you can find pastas with shrimp, mushrooms and creams among other ingredients to modify its flavor and make it more attractive according to the taste of each diner.

In Italy, one of the most representative recipes for shrimp with pasta is shrimp scampi, a dish to which Parmesan cheese can be added.