Shrimp soups

Hot or cold, seafood soups, including shrimp soup, are delicious and can contain a variety of ingredients that make them irresistible to the palate, besides that you can consume them whether it is hot or cold on a sunny or rainy day.

shrimp soups

In this section we bring you the most varied and exclusive shrimp soup recipes for you to incorporate them to your table in a practical and simple way, be sure to see our best recipe book to prepare any shrimp soup.


Shrimp soups around the world

There are many variations of the dish in different regions of the world, such as Penang Prawn Mee in Malaysia, Peruvian chupe de camarones, Thai kaeng som kung and Mexican shrimp broth, to name a few.

  • In Mexico, shrimp soup is a popular variation of caldo de siete mares, it is full of flavor as many employ chiles and its base is shrimp broth.
  • In Thailand, Kaeng som kung, also kaeng som or gaeng som, is a spicy and sour soup prepared with shrimp, vegetables and curry spices. This shrimp soup is native to southern Thailand.
  • In Iceland, Rækjusúpa is a soup prepared with shrimp and fish such as haddock, bacon, cream, corn, celery and other ingredients. It has a sweet and smoky flavor.
  • Penang Prawn Mee, also known as Har Mee, is a shrimp soup characteristic of Malaysian cuisine in which shrimp shells and heads are used to prepare the broth of this soup.
  • Peruvian shrimp soup is very rich in a combination of flavors and can be prepared with freshwater shrimp, fish, eggs, milk, potatoes and spices. One of its most characteristic dishes is shrimp chupe (shrimp chowder).
  • In the Philippines, Sinigang na hipon is a tamarind-based sour soup served in the Philippines. It is prepared with shrimp or prawns, onions, water spinach, radishes, tomatoes and long green chilies, and is usually garnished with fish sauce.

Did you know?

The properties of shrimp, from a nutritional point of view, make soups that have it as a main ingredient, almost a healing miracle, which strengthens your body with a very low calorie content.

Shrimp soup is a complete meal and the elegant beginning of a formal dinner, but however you serve it, our shrimp soup recipes will never disappoint you; and besides that, when you taste them you will feel transported to coastal places and unforgettable moments.