Shrimp specialties

Shrimp are tasted in different countries according to their different species, gastronomy experts are always looking for new and better ways to create avant-garde recipes, preserving the traditional ones and that exquisite flavor and soft texture that characterizes well-prepared and cooked shrimp.

In this section we bring you different specialties with shrimp, which seek to teach you how to take better advantage of the ingredients and obtain excellent results in your dishes with this delicious crustacean.


Shrimp has a great advantage, and that is that it can be prepared for dishes as a garnish or as the main element of delicious and varied menus.

Shrimps specialties recipes

It is important to highlight that in countries such as Spain and Mexico they are very popular and in many of their cities they have managed to adapt them to their gastronomy obtaining really delicious and varied dishes, combining butter, garlic, onion and even preparing drinks such as Michelada with shrimp, among others.

There are many dishes prepared with these crustaceans around the world, although they are more popular in coastal areas, which makes their incorporation in menus even more economical, countries invest a lot of time looking for new and better ways to prepare them to delight the palates of their diners.

It is well known that these crustaceans, besides being very easy to prepare, are an excellent option to cook exquisite dishes, as we have presented all kinds of specialties with shrimp.