Stuffed shrimps

Stuffed shrimp are among the most exquisite preparations of the world’s gastronomic offer, it is a dish full of flavor, ideal for lovers of both traditional and innovative food.

We have always enjoyed tasting dishes with a varied combination of ingredients from different cultures, that is why we bring you this exclusive selection of stuffed shrimp recipes for you to prepare whenever you want!


What can I dress stuffed shrimp with?

There are many variations of sauces and combinations that can be unique and ideal to enhance the flavor of your stuffed shrimp and here we propose the best ones.

  • Enchipotle mango sauce: accompany your stuffed shrimp with the best mango sauce with chipotle, sweet and sour and spicy, it provides an incredible flavor to your shrimp, you can’t miss it!
  • Avocado salsa: this spicy yet creamy dressing will conquer your entire table. Besides being very easy to make, its avocado flavor goes great with fish and seafood.
  • Creamy mango dressing: Take advantage of seasonal fruits to make delicious and light dressings, such as this one with natural yogurt, mayonnaise, honey and mango.
  • Cilantro dressing: delight your palate with the flavor provided by this rich dressing, also ideal to give a rich flavor to your shrimp, tostadas and empanadas.

stuffed shrimps

What to accompany them with?

For its preparation it is not necessary to have a large amount of ingredients; besides, you can accompany it with a variety of foods that enhance its unique flavor.

  • Baked potatoes: Low in fat and seasoned, they are perfect to accompany your stuffed shrimp, either with chipotle or cheese.
  • Fresh salads: Among these we can find a great variety with fresh vegetables such as spinach, beets, chard, lettuce and cabbage.
  • Rice and beans: These are among the easiest to find among the vast group of side dishes for stuffed shrimp.

What kind of shrimp can be stuffed?

The best shrimp that can be used to prepare stuffed shrimp are the super colossal shrimp, these shrimp have a large size.

In the super colossal shrimp come 12 shrimp per pound, however there are also presentations that can be easily stuffed depending on the ingredients used in the recipe. Such is the case of jumbo shrimp and colossal shrimp.

Keep in mind that the ease of finding a suitable shrimp to prepare this type of recipe will vary depending on your budget and the availability of fresh shrimp in your area.