Zarandeado style shrimp

One of the most used ways in the world to cook shrimp is grilling them and one of the techniques used by both professional cooks and diners is cooking them on a grill.

This is how we incorporate to our culinary knowledge how to prepare delicious shrimp zarandeados, in addition to that we share with you this exclusive selection of recipes.


Where are zarandeado style shrimp from?

First of all, let’s talk about what that expression means?

According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, zarandear is synonymous with ajetrear, it means to shake or move something a lot.

Its name comes from “la zaranda”, name given to the grill or grating that is used to place the shrimp opened in the shape of a butterfly – and also the fish – to cook them on the coals or directly on the stove.

This grill is made with a stick and is commonly used in the state of Sonora and in Nayarit, in the Mexican Pacific, to grill or cook a great variety of foods; places where some of the best and most delicious shrimp zarandeados are prepared.

What does the zarandear technique consist of?

It is a slow cooking technique, of pre-Hispanic origin, which consists of cooking, in this case, smoked shrimp in mangrove wood or over oak charcoal coals and a palm pole.

What is the best way to prepare them?

Ideally, it’s done on an outdoor grill, using a traditional grill grate to trap the shrimp and baste them with your favorite dressing or sauce. But you know what? We understand that if you live in a city it’s complicated to have these complements, so you can prepare your shrimp zarandeados in an electric oven as well.

Which shrimp to prepare this dish with?

The best shrimp to prepare this delicious dish are U15 (Under 15) shrimp, which means that you will find less than 15 shrimp per pound, which means that they are large shrimp.

Although it is preferable to select this type of shrimp because we must cut them in the shape of butterflies, you can choose the one of your preference.

Best side dishes for zarandeado style shrimp

One of the best and most common ways to accompany this dish is with lemon slices squeezed over the shrimp, something very typical of the Mexican coasts.

Salads are always an excellent option to accompany this type of dishes prepared with fish and seafood.

In some regions of Mexico they are usually accompanied with avocado, chili, white rice, beans and guacamole sauce. All this, adding also lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.

Fried plantains are also a characteristic coastal way to accompany shrimp zarandeados.

Citrus juices, cool drinks, beers or even a glass of wine, contrast with this delicious dish.